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WordPress VS Coding

WordPress VS Coding: 

Common question of most of the people is, whether WordPress is better than Coding?”. In this blog we’re going to discuss on it with some examples. So lets see…

Before that I’ll be showing you some basic concepts of both the platforms, i.e, WordPress and Coding.

About WordPress:

WordPress is a content management system which allows users easily to create, manage and modify websites. And run their website without writing single line of a code, we can say that we need not need to read about different codings like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

More than 30% of people are developing websites on WordPress platform without knowing about the codings.


  • WordPress easily develops websites and can setup website within 5 minutes.
  • It easily manages and modifies your website.
  • With the help of some popular plugins we can use some higher features.
  • You are not needed to hire any developer, you can create website by your own without knowing any coding language.
  • Improved and managed SEO.


  • In WordPress, we need to update themes, plugins time to time.
  • Some times we don’t know where our website data is going because of a plugins.
  • Lots of plugins make your website slow.
  • Due to some of the plugins your website might get effected by virus like Malware or it might be hacked.
  • Need to backup the data before updating the website.
  • Most of the themes and plugins need to be purchased (which are very expensive).
  • Most of the themes and plugins may not be suitable to our concept.

About Coding:

         In part of coding we need to know atleast HTML, CSS and JavaScript it may take some time to learn about it and it may even take time to become a PROFESSIONAL. But you can develop website as you wish.


  • No need to backup data before updating.
  • In coding you can control everything on your website.
  • It can run on a cheaper server because it runs with fewer resources as per client’s requirement.
  • It may be much faster than WordPress.
  • There is higher demand present for people who knows coding.


  • For website like eCommerce or blogging etc we need to know more programming languages like PHP, JAVA, .NET etc, it might take some more time.
  • Here we need to hire a developer to develop website applications.
  • It might take a lot of time to build application while compared to WordPress.


          Both the platforms are best in their own ways. For beginners like students or starter companies I suggest to use WORDPRESS. If we require some better features or if you’re looking for your career I suggest to use CODING LEVEL.

Writen By Shah Mohammed Ahsen Imadi
Created at 2020-06-27
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