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Features of Bootstrap 5

On 16th of June, 2020 Bootstrap 5 alpha has been launched with some new features.

Let us see those all new features of Bootstrap 5 in this post.

Bootstrap no longer depends on jQuery and has dropped support for Internet Explorer.

What new in Bootstrap 5?

  • JQuery remove
  • Switch to vanilla JavaScript
  • Drop internal explore 10 and 11
  • Improved grid system
  • Improved form
  • New responsive font
  • Easier ways to customize & with new theme

It comes with some new class as given below:

  • Bootstrap 5 added one new class in grid system i.e., xxl (Extra extra large) which has screen size less than 1400px.
  • Bootstrap 5 had replace the gutter class to g example .g-0 with horizontal gutter .gx-* and vertical gutter .gy-*.

…and more

Some of the classes which was available in bootstrap 4 but has been removed from bootstrap 5:

  • Bootstrap 5 had removed .form-group class in form.
  • Bootstrap 5 also removed .jumbotron class.

Similarly, it comes with some new components:

  • Bootstrap 5 added one new component named as .toast basically which is useful for push notifications.

You can check out complete docs of the new version of bootstrap 5 with official website

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Writen By Shah Mohammed Ahsen Imadi
Created at 2020-06-25
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