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How to call flickr api in html website?

To begin using the Flickr API:

Step 1:

Add single line of html code

<div id="links"></div>

Step 2:

Add few line of javascript code


    url: (window.location.protocol === 'https:' ? 'https://secure' : 'http://api') + '',

    data: {

        format: 'json',

        method: 'flickr.photosets.getPhotos',

        api_key: 'YOUR-API-KEY',

        photoset_id: 'YOUR-ALBUM-ID'


    dataType: 'jsonp',

    jsonp: 'jsoncallback'

}).done(function (result) {

    var linksContainer = $('#links'),



    // Add the demo images as links with thumbnails to the page:

    $.each(, function (index, photo) {

        baseUrl = 'http://farm' + + '' + photo.server + '/' + + '_' + photo.secret;

       $('').append($('').prop("src", baseUrl + ".jpg"))

        .prop('href', baseUrl + '_b.jpg')

        .prop('title', photo.title)

        .attr('data-gallery', '')

        .attr('class', 'col-md-4')

        .attr('data-toggle', 'lightbox')




Writen By Shah Mohammed Ahsen Imadi
Created at 2019-12-27
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